Agape House Services

Patients may be admitted to Agape House at different stages of their disease process. They may be admitted for short periods of time in order to address and control a specific symptom, or they may be admitted if their disease is progressing and they require more end of life care. In about 40% of the cases, patients will return home.

Agape House aims to provide high quality specialist Palliative Care that is tailored as far as possible to the individual needs of the people who pass through its doors.  Such care seeks to be holistic in nature, acknowledging that patients facing a life-limiting illness have not only physical symptoms but also emotional, spiritual and social needs.  A team of qualified caregivers do all that they can to involve patients in decisions about their care, to maintain privacy and dignity in providing that care, and to respect patients’ individual rights and religious and cultural beliefs.

 As well as expert medical and nursing care, a variety of activities and therapies are offered at Agape House which are flexible and sensitive to individual needs such as short-term care, end of life care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. 

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