Bereavement Counseling/ Family Support

Greg Yoder Book

We are all deeply affected when someone we love dies. Although grief is a normal response to loss, oftentimes the grief we experience can be both complicated and confusing. The close relationship between mind and body also means that the psychological symptoms of grief can sometimes have a marked effect on the body. While we may get help from family and friends, it may also be beneficial to speak with a neutral party for additional support through this difficult time.

Bereavement care is offered to all families and friends of those cared for at Agape House or by PALS nurses.  Friends of Hospice provides support for bereavement via the services of 2 private agencies where you can talk through any of your emotions and experiences :

Dr. Leonard Astwood with Associates in Integrated Health -  2967296 located at 44 Point Finger Rd., Paget.

Dr. Darien Ray, The Assocation of Diagnostic & Psychological Services - 2957766 at 2 Addendum Lane South, Pembroke.

All aspects of bereavement care are offered free of charge.   If you have health insurance, Friends of Hospice will pick up the co-pay with the agency billing us directly. If you do not have insurance, teither agency will bill us for the full cost.