Volunteer Companions

Agape House is remarkable in so many ways and there is no exception where our volunteers are concerned. Volunteers give far more than just their time. We simply could not continue to offer our vital services without their commitment and the wide range of talents and abilities they bring.

Volunteer companions must first complete a six week evening training programme which covers important topics such as:

  • History of the hospice movement and the role of volunteers
  • Communicating and listening
  • Concepts of death, dying and grief
  • Understanding diseases and conditions
  • Managing personal stress – Caring for you

Our trained companion volunteers will visit with hospice patients at Agape House and in the community.  The home companion programme is providing very necessary support and companioninship to people who  may other wise be isolated as loved ones are away at work during the day.  

Our hard working and energetic team of volunteers carry out a range of tasks including arranging craft activities and games, offering reiki and meditation services, and simply sitting and chatting with patients. Each and every one of them plays a vital role and we are so grateful for everything that they do.

Download the volunteer information application form HERE.